ROPS | Roll Over Protection Systems | BMA vehicle compliance

The MACS twin hoop removable ROPS system has been designed to suit BMA’s 5 Star Ancap Rating requirement for all vehicles accessing BMA sites. As of the 1st January 2016, vehicles with ROPS will not be allowed on BMA sites, however contractors also servicing other mining sites, for example Rio Tinto, will still need to have ROPS installed.

This system allows operators & vehicle owners to easily install & remove the ROPS based on the requirements of the site being worked on.

ROPS | Roll Over Protection Systems | BMA vehicle compliance


roll over protection systems

A large percentage of fatalities on riding lawnmowers and tractors is due to a lack of a roll over protection system (ROPS) and dangerous use on slopes. To help prevent accidents and death, it is recommended that you follow the safety guidelines set forth by the manufacturer and always use a the ROPS.

The number one issue is driving across a slope instead of straight up or down. Most commercial lawnmowers are only safe up to a 15 degree slope. A higher center point of gravity will cause a side overturn more quickly. What the mower can handle can change in a split second on uneven terrain. What appears to be a safe slope can turn dangerous and deadly without warning. For slopes greater than 15 degrees, the use of an attachable mower unit that can reach further down a slope without the tractor following is recommended.

Minesite Rops are also considered to be of paramount safety on a minesite, if a vechicle rolls over on a minesite it has many more dangers to deal with than if it wasn’t on a minesite.

Using the ROPS (roll over protection system) and a seat-belt (if provided) can greatly reduce injuries and prevent death on riding mowers and tractors. Always use the ROPS (roll over protection system) in the full upright position. Many manufactures have an articulated ROPS for easier storage. Never drive the mower with the ROPS (roll over protection system) in the bent position.

A few other points to remember are:

When going downhill, avoid depressions and holes.
When going uphill, avoid bumps, stumps and rocks.
Do not drive too close to a ditch bank. They typically have moist ground that can shift easily.
Use proper hitch points if applicable.
Use caution while on any hillside. If you suspect that the slope is greater than 15 degrees, do not attempt to take the machinery on it.
Avoid excessive speeds in turns.
Added rollover danger with tricycle front end tractors.
Back up the hillsides.
Drive down hills.
Never disable or remove the ROPS (roll over protection system) .
Always use the ROPS (roll over protection system) in the full upright position.
If your equipment did not come equipped with ROPS (roll over protection system) , it is possible that there may be one that can be retro-fitted. Most manufacturer’s recognize that older models need protection and have retro-fitted ROPS (roll over protection system) available.

When operating a tractor or mower remember:

Never start the mower from the ground, always be in the seat.
Keep equipment in good repair.
Securely fasten your seat belt if the machine has a ROPS (roll over protection system) with a seat belt.
Where possible, avoid operating the tractor near ditches, embankments, and holes.

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roll bars

Upon choosing that your car should be equipped with roll bars or roll cages you should take into account the possibility that either your head or limbs or one of the passengers may at one point come in contact with these cages. To avoid any fractured skulls or broken bones you may consider padding your roll bar and roll cages.

Descending on such a venture have first of all a briefing on padding materials available as they don’t squish, bend or burn in the same way. If you are a true racer you might consider high density padding for your roll bar or roll cages. Otherwise a lower density padding is required.

minesite ROPS

By all means avoid wrapping the padding in any plastic or vinyl materials, which, in the case of a fire will release noxious fumes and blinding smokes in the interior of your car. Alas, considering to pad your roll bars an roll cages entirely, you should resume padding to those certain areas where the head or limbs or any car passengers may collide with the cages on the minesite. To determine the exact position of these areas all you have to do is sit in each seat and stretch your arms, neck and legs. At every point where your body touches the roll bar and roll cages that is where you need to pad.

A finishing touch to your padding is securing them with zip ties. At this stage make sure to orient the zip ties closure away from the passengers heads, as they are quite sharp and you may risk puncturing the skin.

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BMA vehicle compliance


Minesite ROPS


  • The proven MACS Engineering ROPS are part of an integrated vehicle Roll Over Protection System, and have been fitted to over 6,000 vehicles nationally in the last 10 years alone.
    • MACS ROPS design and certification process ensures the highest standard and level of performance.
    • MACS ROPS are audited and certified by an Independent Mechanical Engineer.
    • MACS ROPS have been independently tested by Monash University’s Maintenance Technology Systems.
    • MACS ROPS are approved for use by Queensland Transport, South Australian Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure and Western Australian Department of Planning and Infrastructure
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    • Internal ROPS
    • Internal / External ROPS
    • External ROPS
    • Bolt On ROPS
    • ROPS with Subframe to suit Alloy Trays

ROPS | Roll Over Protection Systems | BMA vehicle compliance

roll over protection BMA

Compliance vehicle for BMA and Rio Tinto

It also allows a fleet of vehicles to run without needing to purchase ROPS unnecessarily for every vehicle in the fleet if they are not all on BMA sites together.

Since 1965 MACS Engineering has continuously provided safe, robust, reliable & innovative solutions for our customers. MACS has been designing & manufacturing rollover protection systems for the mining industry for over 30 years, making us the preferred supplier to major mining companies worldwide.



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